Cloud Services

A proactive management approach to your business Information Technology


We Operate Differently

The primary operative distinction that sets us apart from our competitors is the proactive delivery of our service to identify challenges and resolve issues before they become resource-draining problems.

Not Just Reactive

As compared to reactive IT services, we use a unique combination of technical resources and human expertise to anticipate potential complications and take precise measures.

Hosted Server Solutions

T&L Hosted Server

If the thought of sinking money into expensive servers and software is just not in your strategy, T&L Group’s hosted server solutions move your network data to the cloud. Increase guaranteed uptime with servers built on Microsoft Operating systems with configurable RAM and storage options. You’ll benefit from managed enterprise-grade cloud servers that include system and file backup, patch management, remote monitoring, event log tracking and technical support.

Dynamic and scalable solutions for your specific needs

As your business grows, so can your IT network. T&L Group’s hosted server solutions mean rapid deployment of new cloud-based servers initiated on-demand. You only pay for what your business utilizes — which means there’s no buyer’s remorse for dropping serious cash on expensive hardware.

We protect your critical business data.

Because we host our cloud servers in our secure private cloud datacenter, you rest assured that your data is more secure than it would be housed on physical hardware on-site site. Our hosted server solutions feature SSAE16 Type II compliance, dedicated firewall, allocated RAM, disk space and bandwidth.

Email Anti-Spam & Antivirus

T&L Iron Curtain

T&L Iron Curtain email security intercepts spam and viruses before they ever reach your inbox or servers.

*Disaster Email Recovery Service will hold up to 30 days of email in a queue anytime — your email servers are offline with our Email Continuity Service (ECS) that will allow one, some, or all users to have an Outlook Web Access mailbox (with up to the last 30-days of email)

Compliance and Archiving

T&L Compliance & Email Archiving

Our Email Archiving keeps you compliant. Email archiving automatically captures 100% of your inbound and outbound emails for preservation, protection and recovery.

It assures compliance with the above regulations. It also eases eDiscovery by easily performing comprehensive search requests for audits, litigation, or internal queries.

Through a technology partnership with Global Relay Communications Inc., we offer our customers an industry leading message archiving and compliance solution as part of our commitment to delivering best of breed professionally managed services.

Whether communicating with suppliers, clients or employees, email and instant messaging (IM) have become principal business tools. Retention and management of these records is essential to protect your company’s intellectual capital.

Need Secure Offsite Backup?

T&L Vault

Immediate access IT resources at the most critical moment

If your IT network goes down, it can have a catastrophic effect on your business operations. That’s precisely why T&L Group’s secure offsite backup is capable of giving you fast access to critical files and restore previous versions of data sets. With multiple offsite locations, you’ll rest easy knowing that your business continuity is assured.

Recover with the help of technology and human resources

If your onsite backup should fail, our proven and tested disaster recovery plan immediately goes into effect. On the technology side, our secure offsite backup is ready with the most current versions of your business software and operations data. Then, our team of IT experts — seasoned veterans that know your business network inside and out — will install and test your files onsite to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Our Business Continuity Plan safeguards your business

There’s nothing more important to your business than your data. In the event of a primary system failure — be it an attack from an outside threat or a physical disaster such as a fire or flood — T&L Group’s secure offsite back up guarantees to have you back up and running almost immediately.

Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery


In the even that a natural disaster destroys its IT systems completely, it’s too late to create a business continuity and recovery plan. That’s why now is the time to prepare for the worst — and T&L Group can help you get there.

Our cloud business continuity solution offers fast access to critical business information and IT systems that can initiate primary business tasks at a secondary location. That means less downtime and less profits lost.

Custom, scalable solutions as unique as your business

No matter what your timetable for data recovery might be, T&L Group has the technology and human resources to meet your demands. We’re poised to work with your internal IT team to create an implementation strategy that is mindful of your specific challenges.

Our dynamic business continuity and recovery solutions are internet-based and not tied to a particular physical location. For you, this means data restoration without boundaries and conducted within the specific parameters of your requirements.

24/7 Monitoring

T&L Group Noc Monitoring

Your business deserves a second set of experienced eyes watching your IT network at all times. At T&L Group’s 24/7/365 (NOC) Network Operating Center, we focus exclusively on your network — proactively monitoring its functions to help ensure business continuity and reacting immediately in case of problems.

Survive disasters and fine tune your operations

T&L Group’s 24/7/365 (NOC) Network Operating Center serves two distinct functions for your business. The first is to stand ready with disaster recovery services that get you back up and running in case of a systems failure. The second is to continually monitor your system’s performance searching for ways to strengthen your operations. If we identify an opportunity to fortify your system’s performance, we’ll let you know and offer a solution to make it happen.

Hosted Exchange 2010/2013

T&L Hosted Exchange

Your business email communications must be fast and reliable to interact timely with partners, customers, colleagues, and employees. Traditional, onsite email systems can be costly and cumbersome to equip and maintain — eating up a large percentage of your IT budget with very little return. T&L Group’s hosted email exchange is an intelligent option.

24/7/365 email communication and collaboration

With T&L Group’s hosted email exchange, you’ll enjoy all the performance of traditional, on-site email services with a collection of collaborative tools designed to enhance your communications. View and share contact lists and calendars, assign and manage task lists, and much more.

On-the-go email availability for your staff

One of the hallmark functions of T&L Group’s hosted email exchange is mobile, access-anywhere email for your staff. Accessible anytime and anywhere you have internet connectivity — your email operations can be configured to work via a browser or Outlook Web access. Enjoy wireless email synchronization services across all of your mobile devices and smartphones.