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Cloud Services

Our Managed Cloud Services takes a proactive management approach to your business Information Technology asset or object on your behalf.

IT Management

Cyber Security

Hosted Email

Email is more than a point of communication — it's a literal profit multiplier. And that's why T&L Group's Hosted Exchange service will revolutionize how you do business. Enjoy complete support of your email and mobile messaging demands for a single, low monthly fee. If you're looking for a fast, reliable, redundant infrastructure to help eliminate server replacement costs and reduce administration and support costs, T&L Hosted Email Plan is your solution.

Premium Monitoring

T&L Group Ltd.'s 24/7 (NOC) Network Operating Center provides constant monitoring of our clients' servers and network devices that bolsters our approach to total system uptime. Because if your systems are down, so is your productivity. Rest easy knowing that the minute your system experiences a decrease in performance, we'll know immediately and react appropriately.

Disaster Recovery


Company Network System

Low Voltage Cabling

The foundation of an office’s IT services is a strong voice and data cabling system. With a seemingly endless amount of choices and configurations, implementing an office-wide cabling system can become overwhelming for non-IT professionals.

Allow our team of experts at T&L Group Ltd to handle the details, and find you a system that works best for your business needs. We create a plan, install, test, and set-up the cabling system you need.

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We’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in technology to offer our clients best-in-class IT Management solutions.